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Slavery Footprint

I thought this site was pretty interesting both in design and in content. Powered by HTML5 and lots of Javascript. I thought it was an intriguing way to present a survey. I liked how it gave you little bits of information along the way. I also thought it had a very nice visual element with the design.

Font Dragr

I came across this site and thought it was a kinda neat. It uses HTML5 and I'm not sure if the editable content uses the new contenteditable or not. It may use some Javascript or something. I guess it is a bit useless, but the idea is interesting. The demo did not work well in class.

The Onion: Google TV

The Onion generally makes me laugh. I really liked the approached to this site. I like how the interface is different from most websites. It's almost like a TV channel rather than a website. I like how it was just full screen video and the menu was hidden and very simple. Unlike the main Onion site.