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Hot News for Web Developers and Designers!

Mozilla is unleashing a new Firefox OS for mobile devices that runs completely on HTML5. Rather all the apps/software will basically be HTML5 web apps. This seems prettying exciting to me. A whole new world may be opening up if this takes off. Start brushing up and your skills and get in at the ground level. Opportunities galore!

Read More about Firefox's new mobile OS

firefox OS

Some good to know slightly less common CSS selectors

I found this really interesting article of at NetTuts+ about some really useful CSS selectors we never got around to that can come in handy. The first are simple, but they get interesing when they get down to things like ul + li and ul ~ li. X[href="foo"] is a pretty interesting one too. Worth checking out if you're still interested in some very basic CSS web design techniques. If anyone is still checking the Web 3 site.

Here's the link

30 CSS selectors you must memorize


Thank you all for a great semester! Your latest work is now linked from the projects page.

While I have no plans to take down this site, you can save its contents by clicking all posts and then (once it’s finished loading) print to PDF. If you want to grab all the exercises, view the exercises tag and hit all the download buttons.

Dynamic Ways to Display Information

dots no. one
dots no. two
dots no. three
Koalas To The Max is a website in which you can hover over dots to make smaller dots. Eventually they turn into an image.

dots no. four
A similar project to the one above. It just has a different image and thus different colored dots.

data driven documents
Data Driven Documents was used to make the websites above and the Urban Water Explorer too.

urban water explorer
The Urban Water Explorer is pretty neat looking.

what do you work for
Data Viz Challenge was a visualization challenge using data in which some of the contestants used D3js from above. The entries are interesting.

Hulu Tv and Movie fun for free

Just for fun, TV and movies on your computer