Watkins Web 3: Blog

Project 1 Details

Just wanted to re-post the description and requirements for project 1.


Create a blog, entirely controlled by Wordpress, that serves as an online notebook of and about your design process.

You should design and structure the blog to accept multiple kinds of content: samples of your work in progress, others’ design/artwork that inspires you, questions about design or code, web bookmarks, etc.

The success of this project depends both on the design of your blog and the content you add to it. While blogs are by their nature templated, you should not treat yours as a generic container: its design should express an idea or emphasis that is important to your work and methods. Take advantage of native Wordpress features like categories, tag, and pages to highlight difference and variation in your posts.


  • Your site must contain, at minimum, a permalink page for each blog post, a chronological archive of all posts, and an about page.
  • While you are encouraged to use the class’s “Starter Kit” theme as a foundation, your final blog should be customized — both visually and structurally — to reflect the interests, biases, and ideas in your own work. You do not need to follow the traditional “main column and sidebar” blog format when it comes to layout.
  • You are expected to add posts to your blog before, during, and after the completion of the design/ templates. No backdating!

Due Dates

March 21, 2012 (Preliminary Grade: structure must be complete)
May 2, 2012 (Final Grade)