Watkins Web 3: Blog

New Watkinswebdev.com setup

Hi everyone,

We found a solution, which is to migrate everyone to his/her own subdomain. So if your stuff was at http://watkinswebdev.com/jschmoe/ before, it’s now at http://jschmoe.watkinswebdev.com/ (and your blog is at http://jschmoe.watkinswebdev.com/blog/).

I’ve already migrated all your stuff to the new location(s), but there’s some work left to do. To get set up with the new arrangement, please do the following.

Change your Cyberduck bookmark

  1. Open Cyberduck and get to the “Bookmark view” screen (you may have to disconnect and click the “book” icon).
  2. Highlight your bookmark and click the pencil icon to edit it.
  3. Under More Options, change your Path from watkinswebdev.com/jschmoe to jschmoe.watkinswebdev.com.
  4. Save the bookmark: it may be easiest to close the panel and drag the whole bookmark icon to the desktop. Then throw away the old one from your flash drive and drag the new one into its place.

Fix your Wordpress settings

Home URL

Right now you’re probably seeing an Error 404 message at the address of your blog home page (http://jschmoe.watkinswebdev.com/blog/). We need to tell Wordpress where the new files are.

  1. Log into Wordpress at http://jschmoe.watkinswebdev.com/blog/wp-admin/
  2. Click on Settings > General
  3. Now change your Wordpress Address and/or Site Address to reflect the new location. Both of them should be the same: http://jschmoe.watkinswebdev.com/blog/.
  4. Click Save Settings
  5. Visit your blog home page: content should be loading now.

Fix Permalinks

Very likely the home page is working, but clicking into page or post permalinks throws an error. To fix this, we need to get Wordpress to generate a new .htaccess file

  1. In Cyberduck, connect to your web space and double-click into the blog folder.
  2. Make sure your hidden files are being shown (if necessary, choose View > Show Hidden Files).
  3. If you see the .htaccess file, delete it by clicking on it and choosing File > Delete. If it’s not there, I already deleted it.
  4. Disconnect
  5. Now go back to your Wordpress dashboard and choose Settings > Permalinks. Choose Post name or whatever setting you had before. Click Save Changes.
  6. Test your public site: permalink URLs should be working now.