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Easybib, easy citations

Writing a paper and unsure about citing a web site or book, check out easybib, copy and paste your url for a correct citation.

Word count tool

word count tool

Writing a paper for a class and need to know the word count? copy and paste your text in a word count tool.

Wordcamp Nashville 2012

Thought I would post a link to the slides for the SEO talk. The lady that gave the talk is from Vanderbilt. She's been doing this pretty much since the web started. You don't get the talk, but the slides have lots of really great information on SEO.

Happy Web Diva SEO slides

Site Designs of Interest

Good.is top screen

Good.is displays an interesting site design.

Good.is footer

The footer is also pretty cool.

Verge.com header

Verge.com, a technology site, has an especially dynamic layout.

Verge.com middle tier content

This is particularly noticeable in the way the tiered content is displayed. It is divided by threes and developed in a kind of spiral pattern using rectangles.

Verge.com footer

The design of the footer gives a simple reprieve after the dynamic design of the main content of the site.

visvim.com site design

Visvim.com plays with the idea of a pdf design as applied to a website.

Exercise 14: MySQL

Connecting to and retrieving data from a MySQL database, processing it with PHP, and outputting it to the page.

Exercise 14 Exercise 14 Solution View Solution

Related Links

  • Sequel Pro, an excellent and free Mac program for creating, editing, and configuring MySQL databases.
  • SQLzoo.net, a site for learning the syntax of SQL commands like SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, etc.