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Guest Speaker Hilla Katki

Hilla Katki, Design Director of Data Visualization at Bloomberg

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Project 2 Inspiration

Here’s a quick survey of dynamic projects that visualize data or assemble existing visual material to create something new:

More examples

Key questions for your project

Designing with data or material that is being generated “live” is different from designing known or static content. As with a blog, your job is to design template or “view” that adapts to whatever content it might contain in the future. How can your project re-frame the content by aggregating and re-presenting it? Can the user interact with the content in a meaningful way after it has loaded, by changing its display or switching from a macro view of all the content to a micro view of one piece of it?

Think of the web browser is a modern-day canvas with its own limitations, conventions, and user expectations. Which conventions/limitations do you want to embrace, and which do you want to play against? Think about the fundamentals of the web experience: links, scrolling, typography, images. How can you mix these elements to create something new, compelling, surprising, or delightful?

Possible data/material sources to consider

Possible user input/status

Auto detected

  • User’s local time of day (detected by PHP or jQuery)
  • User location (detected by PHP or jQuery)

User Choice

  • Color choice
  • Mood
  • Keyword / Search Term
  • Letter of the alphabet
  • Personal info (age, birth year, birth location)

Visualization Elements and Axes

  • Images
  • Type (scale, font-choice, color)
  • Layout
  • Sequence

Further Reading/Watching

Sun Spots Earth

Found this interesting horizontally scrolling website. It's supposed to be a very accurate representation of the size of planets to the sun and their distance. Based on the scale of the image of the sun.

sun and earth

Web Ahead with Eric Meyer

The Web Ahead Take a listen to this episode of the Web Ahead podcast, where Jen Simmons interviews Eric Meyer. The podcast takes a little while to get going, but once it does you’ll hear some great stories and perspective on the history of the web and his ideas of its long-term future a medium. Eric Meyer was influential in the promotion of CSS as a legitimate web design tool in the early 2000s, and he’s continued to develop some very smart coding techniques since then while working on large projects.

Project 1 Inspiration

Here are a few examples of blog sites that are either particularly well-crafted or are doing something interesting with structure. Be sure to explore the various page types: home page, “permalink” page, archive page, etc.

Eames Documentary

Charles and Ray Eames

There’s a pretty great documentary on Charles and Ray Eames that you can watch for free online (Flash is required).

Recommended if you have any interest in graphic design, animation, filmmaking, painting, illustration, furniture design, or exhibition design.